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Wild and Wondrous

Nature's Artistry on the Coast of Maine

Margie Patlak

About this book

For award-winning science writer and photographer Margie Patlak, exploring the unique nature of the Maine coast opens a door to deeper ties and insights. This collection of photographs conveys the sublime sense of wonder she feels every time she visits the shore. Tides show how fleeting time is, and clouds and weather reveal greater forces that take away all illusions of control. These facets of the natural world speak a hidden language of light and color that Patlak translates with her lens.

“This book made me want to experience first-hand what each of its exquisite images excited in my heart. This is not just a book, but a stunning work of art that transports the reader to the magical shores of Maine. Each photo sublimely illuminates Maine’s natural gifts to the world, be it rocky shoreline, lush woods, or fall colors. The great eye of the photographer captures both delicate details in a leaf and sweeping panoramas of shoreline and sky with equal skill, while imparting awe and a deep reverence for this sacred place.”

—Steve Mandel, award-winning nature photographer whose images were displayed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and have appeared in the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, and many other publications.

“Margie Patlak’s photographs so perfectly embody everything I adore about the coastal Maine landscape. She has remarkable talent for elevating Maine’s nuanced, natural majesty.”

Eliot Dudik, photography instructor at the College of William & Mary and award-winning photographer who has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, the New York Times, and other publications.

“Margie Patlak’s explorations of coastal Maine span scales from minuscule mushrooms of the forest floor to grand sweeps of sunrise and sunset and reveal luscious hues like autumn crimson and winter pewter. Patlak’s photographic vision distills what she calls “astonishing Maine moments” into light, islands, rocks, forests, and other elemental features. Her sparkling, compact essays introducing each section also add a science writer’s depth to the breadth of Maine landscapes, great and small.”

—Award-winning photographer Lynn Teo Simarski

“Wander Maine’s coast with Margie Patlak to share her open-hearted delight in all nature bestows here. Lifted from ordinary constructed, and sometimes constricted, realities, your senses will awaken to worlds of vibrant light, color and life. This immersion in nature’s resplendent designs will rekindle your sense of wonder and resettle you in creation.”

—Barbara Southworth, photography workshop leader and mentor, and award-winning photographer of plants and wild places.

About this author

Margie Patlak is an award-winning science writer and photographer who has written over two hundred articles about the environment, neuroscience, biomedical research, and technology for popular publications such as Discover magazine, The Washington Post, the Los AngelesTimes, The Philadelphia Inquirer and many others; and her personal essays and photographs have appeared in a number of literary journals and newspapers. She has degrees in Botany and Environmental Studies and divides her time between Philadelphia and Corea, Maine.