Great American Love Story of George and Barbara Bush


Book Description

Ellie LeBlond Sosa has fond memories of summers spent at her grandparents’ Kennebunkport, Maine home. Though that home is a heavily protected compound and her grandparents are George and Barbara Bush, life at the Bush family home was not that different from most American families, with football and tennis matches, taco Tuesdays, and holiday gatherings. The Bushes always made a deliberate effort to connect and be involved with their small Maine community, attending church, going for walks, watching parades, and they have become beloved members of that community.

In this highly readable biography, Sosa and co-author Kelly Anne Chase explore the enduring relationship of George and Barbara Bush. From its heady beginnings at the outbreak of World War II, through his time in the Navy and his long career of service, they trace the Bushes' 75-year love affair. Sharing intimate interviews with the Bushes and family friends, this is a never-before-seen look into the private life of a very public couple.

About the Authors

A certified holistic health consultant with brad experience in fundraising,
Ellie LeBlond Sosa (daughter of Dorothy Bush-Koch) is vice president of program development for a Boston wellness consulting company. She met her husband at George and Barbara Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine, and they settled in Boston so they could be close her to family.

Former managing editor of Maine magazine, Kelly Anne Chase is currently the editor of five annual publications and she writes for Cape Cod magazine and South Shore Living. She also pre-interviews classical musicians for NPR's From the Top. She lives with her husband in Hyannis, Massachusetts.